Even the most careful people sometimes fall foul of the complex laws relating to tax returns and tax liability particularly in the modern competitive business environment.

If you are unhappy with a decision of the Australian Taxation Office, you may take the following steps:

  • 1ST STEP
  • apply to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) to review the decision.
  • 2ND STEP
  • Appeal to a court, if you are you think that the AAT’s decision is wrong

Contact us for an appeal.

Note that, you must make your appeal to the Federal Court no later than 28 days after receiving the AAT’s decision.

We will help you take these steps, all the way from the AAT review process to a federal court appeal.


The AAT review will follow the following procedure.

  1. Conference Stage

The AAT will order a conference or conferences conducted by a Conference Registrar. 

Contact us for legal advice before the first conference with the AAT

  1. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Stage

These ADR processes are held in private.

We can act as your legal representative, if you choose.

Contact us for legal advice well beforehand.


If you are not satisfied with the AAT decision, you may appeal to the Federal Court, but only on a ‘question of law’. In other words, you must satisfy the Federal Court that the AAT made a mistake in law.

We can prepare for the appeal and represent you in the Federal Court appeal.

Our advice and that of the AAT is that you get legal a lawyer to run the appeal because appeals are complex requiring a detailed knowledge of the numerous rules involved in Federal Court appeals.

We can identify what, if any, error of law the AAT made in its decision and appeal, if necessary. At the very least, we shall give you our legal opinion.


We have a specialist in tax matters who also speaks the following languages: Urdu, Indian, Hazaragi, Dari, English. Haidari Smart has an extensive background in small business book keeping and accounts along with extensive study in his law degree focused on financial and accounting law. His attention to detail and extensive knowledge of taxation law is brought to every case he considers.


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