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Visa applications

Migration law is continually changing. Each visa type has its own requirements.


At OPC we offer the following services:

·         Assess whether you are eligible for a visa

·         Advise you on your migration options

·         Assist you to prepare your visa application, including what documents to submit

·         Prepare supporting submissions for use by the relevant assessing authority

·         Inform you of any communication from the Department regarding your visa application

·         Submit your visa application for processing

·         Liaise with the Department and other authorities on your behalf

·         Inform you about the progress of your visa application including any developments



If your visa application has been rejected, we shall:

·         In the first instance, prepare submissions and submit them to the relevant assessing authority, the Department or review body


·         When necessary, represent you before the relevant appeal tribunals



For Visa Applications

We have the necessary experience and knowledge to assist you.


We act professionally and compassionately and cost effectively.


We take time to know you and your personal circumstances and care about your general well-being.


Some of our lawyers have, themselves, been through the process (as former refugees or sponsors of family members). We know how stressful this is and the need to move things forward as quickly as possible.


Our team is multidisciplinary and multicultural.  We combine different skills and knowledge of different cultures to deliver the best professional outcome.


For business-related visas, OPC has the necessary legal and other professional expertise (e.g. accounting, finance, and business management). For more involved and complex visas, we work closely with external associates to provide you with a better outcome.






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